Open to graduates of the Child Art Psychotherapy training programmes* who have completed all the required hours in clinical practice, personal psychotherapy, and supervision over their 4 year training combined with 1 to 5 years post-practicum experience. Accredited applications have a fee of €125 and must be re-submitted every 5 years for review. Annual renewal is €90 p/a.

Total hours required for full Accreditation:

Personal psychotherapy**: 250 hours 

Clinical Practice: 500 hours

Supervision: 150 hours

For full list of Accreditation requirements please refer to the application form.

*Please refer to ACAP’s Grandparenting Policy for full details if you began your MSc/HDip before September 2021.

**Please refer to
Grandparenting Policy, Bye Law 1 if you began your MSc/HDip before September 2021. 

€90 euro pa.

For those who began their MSc/HDip before September 2021: Open to members still training in the Post MSc Child Art Psychotherapy*, or intend to complete the Post MSc or another 2-year psychotherapy training*, and those who are in the process of completing their post-practicum period of 1 to 5 years. 

For those who began their MSc in or after September 2021: may apply once all 4 years of Child Art Psychotherapy training are completed, whilst working towards the hours required for full Accreditation during 1 to 5 years post-practicum period.

*Please refer to ACAP’s Grandparenting Policy and Bye Law 2 for details

€90 euro pa.

For those who began their MSc training in or after September 2021*

Open to students currently training in Child Art Psychotherapy at both MSc and Post MSc level.

*Start of 4 years consecutive training in Child Art Psychotherapy 

€45 euro pa.

Open to professionals practising in a related field with an interest in Child Art Psychotherapy. Invitations to quarterly workshops/lectures.

40 euro p/a.

Conditions of Membership: All Accredited, Pre-Accredited, and Student Members must abide by the ACAP Ethical Code and submit their Children First Training Certificate. Accredited and Pre-Accredited Members must also provide evidence of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance alongside their application/renewal. All Membership runs on an annual basis from January to December.
Membership criteria and fees are subject to change. It is advisable that all members keep a detailed log of training, supervision, personal therapy, CPD and psychotherapy practice hours.