Call for Papers: September 2021

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Trauma-informed Art Therapy with Children and Young People: Call for papers

The International Journal of Art Therapy calls for papers for this special issue…

This special issue will be edited by Karen Treisman, Meagan Corrado and Alex McDonald

Deadline for submissions: 6th September 2021

In order to provide effective, trauma-informed art therapy for children and young people, professionals must understand the impact of trauma on children, young people and their families, and learn how to effectively minimize its effects without causing additional trauma. This special issue will develop knowledge and evidence-based practice in this area by highlighting the latest research on trauma-informed art therapy with children and young people and including detailed descriptions of practice along with service user feedback. This special issue will feature any or all of the following articles:

Research Papers reporting studies on trauma-informed art therapy with children and/or young people.
Practice Papers describing trauma-informed art therapy practice with children and/or young people including service user feedback.
Co-produced Research or Practice Papers where children and/or young people who have had experience of trauma-informed art therapy are co-authors or close consultants.

Deadline: 6th September 2021