Open to graduates of the Child Art Psychotherapy training programmes* who have completed all the required hours in clinical practice, personal psychotherapy, and supervision over their 4 year training combined with 1 to 5 years post-practicum experience. Accredited applications have a fee of €125 and must be re-submitted every 5 years for review. Annual renewal is €90 p/a.

Total hours required for full Accreditation:

Personal psychotherapy**: 250 hours 

Clinical Practice: 500 hours

Supervision: 150 hours

For full list of Accreditation requirements please refer to the application form.

*Please refer to ACAP’s Grandparenting Policy for full details if you began your MSc/HDip before September 2021.

**Please refer to
Grandparenting Policy, Bye Law 1 if you began your MSc/HDip before September 2021. 

First time applicants must complete an Accreditation Application (link below) and upload a Supervisor’s Report Form (click below) as supporting documentation. While Accredited Membership must be renewed annually, the full application must be resubmitted every 5 years. The current fee for Accreditation Applications is €125, and annual renewal is €90. 

Please Note: This payment is only the €125 for Accreditation Application and does not include the annual membership (See Accredited Membership Form)

If you have already submitted your Accreditation Application you can click here to go directly to ACAP Accredited Membership annual payment