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The ACAP Grandparenting Policy will apply to applicants whose training began prior to September 2021, when the Training Accreditation Policy becomes active. Accredited Membership will still require a total four of years training in Psychotherapy, including two years specific to the Child Art Psychotherapy modality, though the four years need not have been consecutive (for further details please see the ACAP Grandparenting Policy and its Bye Laws)

Candidates for Accredited Membership under Grandparenting will have 4 years of Child Art Psychotherapy training plus a Post Practicum Period of a minimum of 1 to maximum of 5 years. Training in Child Art Psychotherapy was previously provided by the School of Medicine, University College Dublin (2-year MSc), followed by an additional 2-year training at Post-MSc level with the School of Psychotherapy at Saint Vincent’s University Hospital or an additional MSc/MA in a Psychotherapeutic Modality recognised by a professional psychotherapy association registered under ICP, UKCP, or EAP. For more details on Accreditation under Grandparenting, please see the documents at the bottom of this page and see the application page: Application for Accreditation

Pre-Accredited Membership under Grandparenting is available to graduates of the HDip/MSc in Child Art Psychotherapy (formerly HDip in Visual Psychotherapy), who began their training prior to September 2021 and who hold an additional two-year psychotherapy training. Bye Law 2 outlines requirements for graduates who qualified from the HDip/MSc in Child Art Psychotherapy but have not yet completed four years total psychotherapy training.

Candidates for Accredited Membership will have a minimum 4 years of continuous Child Art Psychotherapy training plus a Post Practicum Period of a minimum of 1 to maximum of 5 years. Clinical training in Child Art Psychotherapy is provided by the School of Medicine, University College Dublin in the Professional Masters in Child Art Psychotherapy programme (UCD programme code X997). 

Pre-Accredited Membership will be available to graduates of the Professional Masters in Child Art Psychotherapy (or MSc CAP + PMSc CAP) who began their training in or after September 2021. Candidates may apply for Pre-Accredited Membership during their post-practicum period of a minimum 1 and maximum 5 years, whilst building their hours toward full Accreditation.

ICP and EAP Standards; ACAP have developed these Accreditation Policies and Procedures in line with standards set by the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP) and the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP.)

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All Policies and Procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis and any changes will be presented at the ACAP AGM generally held in December.