The Psychotherapy Supervision Lab, Saturday 6 April 2019 – Dublin

The Psychotherapy Supervision Lab

A seminar led by Dr Aisling McMahon, Claire O’Dowda and Kay Ferriter

This day will provide a unique opportunity to discover the extent to which different psychotherapy schools diverge in their theory and technique when we compare them through the lens of live supervision. Our three presenters have been chosen both for their extensive experience as therapists and because they represent different modalities: a humanistic and integrative psychotherapist, a counselling psychologist with a psychoanalytic orientation, and a gestalt psychotherapist. By working before the audience with another practitioner offering a case for their supervision, each will begin with an outline of their understanding of the supervisory role, followed by a brief introduction by their guest supervisee to the case in hand, and then a 50 minute unrehearsed live supervision. Together, each supervisory couple will explore what breakthroughs in the treatment might emerge and how that is rooted in the thinking of their specific discipline.

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