April 4-2020: Getting started with Tele-Play Therapy

In the current situation where therapists are restricted in providing face-to-face services, CTC is providing this training to equip child therapists with an alternative way to engage in non-contact clinical practice, including the use of play and creative media, with child and adolescent clients and their carers. Practitioners may well find that this way of working offers viable alternatives even in times when social distancing is not required for health reasons.

Telehealth resources can support interactions when therapists cannot meet with children, youth and families because of distance, or because it is unsafe to do so.  Telehealth has long been utilized to provide medical services (both consultation and treatment) especially in remote geographical areas. Now it is time to expand its use to facilitate continued therapeutic support when health considerations place restrictions on face-to-face sessions.

Participants  in this web-based course will learn about how to utilize  digital online tools in mental health service provision, including play therapy and creative psychotherapy with children, youth and families. Participants will observe a mock tele-play session to identify play themes and practice play therapy record keeping. Participants will also engage in dyadic play experiences in small meeting rooms. There will be opportunities to ask questions about the applicability of telehealth play therapy  services as they relate to play therapy practice.

This online course, intended for play therapists and child/adolescent psychotherapists, will address the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify the benefits and challenges of teleplay therapy;
  • Identify  requirements for a successful and ethical teleplay therapy;
  • Videoconferencing service;
  • Identify how your informed consent forms and office practices need to be adapted to include tele-play therapy;
  • Review play therapy models that can be utilized in a tele-play therapy setting;
  • Identify healing tools that can be utilized to create a tele-play therapy kit for children, youth and families that we support;
  • Practice observing play therapy themes and therapeutic powers while observing a mock tele-play session;
  • Practice using tele-play therapy with other course participants.

Participants are required to have,

1) Space and technology:

  • Sound cancelling headset or confidential room to participate in
  • A computer with a web camera
  • Uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection

2) Healing tools that include: 

  • 20 miniature toys of the participants choosing
  • Drawing paper
  • crayons and markers
  • A shoe box, cardboard box
  • Rice or sand in a small plastic container
  • A few bibliotherapy books about topics the children and youth/ families that you support are working through or experiencing.

Before the training, participants will receive handouts that they should print out to utilize in the training.  All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

APT Approved Provider 11-294    5.5 Play Therapy Credit Hours

Note: Play therapy credit will not be awarded to non-mental health professionals

Discounted price of €60 in light of current crisis

Course Facilitator

Theresa Fraser is the owner operator of Maritime Play Therapy Centre in Nova Scotia, Canada. She is an approved provider of Play Therapy training in Canada and also co-facilitates live online sandtray training courses in Australia. She is adjunct faculty for Mount St. Vincent University. Theresa’s work has been recognized with provincial, national and international awards. Theresa is known for her expertise in working with individuals who have complex trauma experiences.