ACAP-Magazine-inaugural issue: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

We are seeking articles, artwork and news

announcements for the inaugural Newsletter/Magazine, scheduled

to be published in early summer.

We welcome articles & news announcements on

topics including, but not limited to:

• Reflections on child art psychotherapy (CAP) practices, process,

theories or approaches

• Description of an CAP project or program

• CAP book reviews

• Showcasing of student projects and writing

• Graduations, graduate news, committee news

• Upcoming conferences/events

Articles and News Announcements:

• Maximum 800 words

• Please submit text content in Word format (please

avoid sending text in PDF format)

• If the article includes images, please either insert

the images into the body of the text in the Word

file, or send the image files separately


• Please include an artist statement in Word format

• Please send images in JPEG or TIFF format

• Please name the image files with the titles of

the artwork

• If there is text or captions accompanying each

image, please send the captions in a Word document

with the corresponding titles of the artwork

For ALL submissions, please include:

• Full name of each author/artist

• Credits

• A picture of each author/artist

Submission Deadline: June 26, 2019


Your contributions are what make this newsletter/magazine

rich and engaging, we look forward to hearing

from you!